Dojo Rules


1. Always bow in and out of the Dojo. Always bow to you partner before and after an exercise.

2. When late for class, bow in, stay in seiza, and wait for permission to enter the Dojo.

3. Always address the head instructor as Sensei.

4. Always pay strict attention to the instructor and not to other distractions.

5. Never leave the class for a break, water, or any early dismissal, except with permission.

6. Students should remove all jewelry before class, for their own safety and that of others.

7. No smoking, profanity or gum in the Dojo.

8. All students wear a white gi except for the head instructor who may wear a black gi except in the presence of a higher ranking Sensei.

9. Practice what you are taught.

10. Shoes should be removed before stepping into the Dojo.

11. No sparring allowed without permission (ask an Instructor for permission). No sparring without a referee.  Students must wear full protective equipment.

12. Never lose your temper in the Dojo, especially in self defense, or free sparring.

13. Never lean on the walls.

14. Students must always keep their finger and toenails clipped and clean.

15.No horseplay in the Dojo.

16. Do not use the equipment unless authorized by an Instructor. Do no borrow other's equipment without his/her permission.

17. Never talk during class except to ask or answer questions, or to discuss karate.

18. Do not stay alone in the Dojo (two people may stay after class).

19. Do not ask to test. Your instructor will always inform you when you are ready.

                           20. As a sign of respect and responsibility, dues should be paid on time. 

                           21. It is required that students ask permission to train with another teacher or school.

                           22. Karate students say "Doomo arigato gozaimasu" to their partners and the Sensei after training with them.