What should I expect in my first class?

The first class focuses on basic stances, punching, blocking, kicking, and the foundational concepts.

How do I sign up?

This process is simple and easy! You can call, email, or stop by.  No contracts. Pay Month to Month.

How should I behave in class? What are the rules?

When do I spar?

You will spar when you have learned the appropriate amount of techniques, when you are ready, and when your instructor states you are ready.

Arrive early for class with the proper attire and equipment that is clean.  Bow before and after entering and exiting the dojo floor.  No smoking, eating, or chewing gum during class.  Be polite and courteous.  Always be respectful inside and outside the dojo. Respect other person's rank, especially if higher than yours.  Pay strict attention to what you are taught.  No conversation on the workout area, especially during class.  Act properly at all times, in and around the dojo (no goofing). Always keep busy practicing while in workout area, unless instructed otherwise.  During formal class, get permission from higher rank before leaving the floor.  Never take advantage of a lower rank.  This is everyone's school, please help keep the dojo clean.  If an individual has a problem with what is being taught or any other concern, speak to the head instructor or instructors after class.  No arguing, fighting, or back-talk on dojo floor, listen to the instructor currently teaching.  Black Belts are to be referred to as "Sensei".  Never show anyone what you learned in the dojo.  Never attempt to teach anyone, unless instructed to do so.  Do not brag that you are studying karate, let people find out on their own, they will respect you more.

How do I obtain a uniform?

We can order one for you.